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Consult a Formalwear Expert before Wearing a Tuxedo


During weddings, almost all eyes are fixed on the bride. Everyone looks approvingly as she walks down the aisle beaming. The stylist of the gown or the wedding planner and everyone else involved in making the bride look like a vision utter silent prayers of thanks since they were able to get the response they expected – awe for the lovely bride. Through all this, what happens to the groom?

Unfortunately, very few people think about what preparations the groom goes through prior to his wedding day. Some seem to have the mistaken notion that a groom merely picks out and that’s it. What they don’t know is that most grooms actually go through the same rigorous preparations as brides do. The only difference is that women tend to be the recipient of all the fuss.

Actually, there are grooms who go to formalwear experts in the hopes of transforming themselves into the dashing, debonair grooms they should be on the day of their wedding. Hence, if you are getting married and you want to look fashion magazine-worthy on your wedding day, it would be a good idea if you hooked up with an expert who can help you look your best in your tuxedo.

It doesn’t matter if you would be going to a tuxedo rental store for your formalwear. What’s important is to have an idea what wedding day look is going to be perfect for you. This is the first thing an expert would tell you. Once you meet with the expert, he or she would advise you to come alone or with your fiancée so you can both go over all possible options. Try not to meet the formalwear expert with your friends tagging along. Why is that? Well, they could influence the choices you make; thus, you might end up picking out a tuxedo based on their ideas and not your own.

Choose a formalwear expert who knows what he’s doing. Some commit to help a groom make intelligent choices, but come wedding day, the groom comes either underdressed or overdressed. As much as possible, the expert should strive to put something together that would make everyone think no stone was left unturned during the planning stages of the wedding and that every aspect of it, wedding dresses included, were taken care of painstakingly.

tuxedo formalwareOne thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no strict rule concerning dressing identically with your groomsmen. You are the groom. Thus, you have the right to wear anything you want. Nevertheless, it would look good if you and your groomsmen wore complementing ensembles.

Another thing you need to remember is that you should not wear a belt with your tuxedo. That is a big no-no. Instead, wear suspenders to hold up your pants so you won’t look shabby. If you decide to wear a vest or waistcoat, wear the suspenders underneath it. The same goes if you decide to wear a cummerbund instead; you still need to wear the suspenders underneath it. Suspenders are not part of your tuxedo accessories. These are more for function than form.

Finally, if you would be wearing a cummerbund, remember to wear the pleats in front. There’s no other way to go about it.

Paul King is a part-time freelance writer and SEO analyst. He has written a number of articles on men’s fashion and formalwear etiquette.

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Why You Shouldn’t Live Near Resort Towns if You Want a Happy Marriage

blackpool1Depending on how exactly you look at it, Blackpool is often cited as the divorce capital of the United Kingdom, a coastal Gretna Green, but sort of in reverse. It seems as though living by the sea – though it would seem to be peaceful and happy – actually has some sort of correlation with high rates of divorce: seaside resorts are hotspots for separation, with some of the highest being Torbay, Eastbourne and Hastings, alongside Blackpool.

Blackpool, the ultimate champion of marriage failures, has almost 20,000 people who are either separated or divorced, meaning that almost one in every six Blackpudlians is part of a broken marriage.

eastbourneWhy Do Resorts Spell the End for Marriages?

The precise reason behind why seaside towns are seeing so many marriages wrecked on the shore is not exactly clear, but one major theory – believe it or not – is said to be stress. Because there are a high proportion of hoteliers, restaurateurs and landlords in resort towns, and these professions are known to be particularly stressful and taxing, this leads to the high number of divorces.

Only two of the top ten towns for divorce (Norwich and Corby) are not seaside resorts, thus lending some credence to the theory that the location has something to do with it. Hoteliers complain that their business leaves them with little quality time – wives will get up super early to prepare for the breakfast guests, while the husbands will typically have to stay up late dealing with those who prefer to prop up the bar.

Other reasons include the summer holiday atmosphere, which makes it easier to meet a number of new people, something which can often put a strain on existing relationships. Also, the fact that seasonal or part time work is so prevalent is put forward as a reason, as this causes the towns to attract those on low incomes and those who have recently become single – this latter part would undoubtedly skew the results somewhat.

divorceWhat to Do if You Want a Divorce

It would be all too easy to just recommend that you relocate to Blackpool; this is sadly not such a great idea. Divorce lawyers Switalskis in Yorkshire recommends that, if you are considering a divorce, you first talk it through with your partner. If you can come to some sort of agreement, then great! If not, then you can hopefully stay on civil enough terms to sort out what each of you wants from the divorce, away from lawyers.

This way, you save yourselves a bit of money (as you don’t have to hire a costly lawyer or two) but also a lot of time (as there won’t be any draining court battles to endure).

However, if you cannot come to a mutual decision without a lawyer present, then you’ll have to search for one. Most divorce and family lawyers will grant you one free consultation to get you started – use these to your advantage and “shop around” until you find the firm you’re most comfortable with.

This guest post has been written on behalf of who provide interesting and orignial posts throughout the web on all things law.

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Why do people need counselling and how can it help?

sad personThe decision to go seek a counsellor is one that many people find great difficulty in making. It’s seen as a big step to take by a lot of people, who might be scared to admit that they need help or see it as a sign of weakness.

Some may hold a false perception about the sort of people who go to counselling. They could feel that it’s only for people with serious drug addictions or mental health problems, but the truth is that all sorts of individuals can benefit from talking with an accredited counsellor.

A fair proportion of Brits will suffer from some form of anxiety at a point in their lives. Just like with any other type of mild illness, treating it early can help stop the problem from worsening.

Why do people go to counselling?

Scientific studies have indicated that talking therapies can be highly effective in treating anxiety-related disorders. As the famous idiom goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Yet, many people can’t bear to discuss their problems with friends or family for a number of reasons. Some might feel judged by their peers if they share their deepest darkest thoughts and fears with them. Others don’t want to dump their anxiety on these people and make them worry as well. A fair proportion of people don’t even have close friends to share these sorts of problems with.

They might make the decision to seek professional help, because it’s been recommended to them or simply feel the need to get their problems out in the open.

Why speak to accredited counsellors?

Accredited counsellors have been trained to recognise why people act the way they do, how thought patterns develop and why the brain responds to certain situations differently. This training is done to industry standards and can help patients feel secure about the skills of their counsellor.

Accredited counsellors can offer a neutral perspective on why clients are feeling the way they are and offer tips on how to improve their clients’ mood. The chance to speak to an intelligent, unbiased third party can help patients feel more relaxed about opening up and this is the first step to feeling better.

crying girlWhat a counsellor does

How a counsellor behaves is down to what sort of treatment their patient might need. Some patients could just need someone to talk to about their problems. Others may benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), where a counsellor attempts to make patients understand how their thought processes work and how to change them.

Those with more serious problems might benefit from a long period of psychotherapy, where a counsellor attempts to uncover traumatic incidents that might have been buried away by patients. This can sometimes take months or even years to complete. There certainly is no such thing as a one size fits all counselling session.

Counselling shouldn’t be something that is feared. It should be treated as any other kind of successful medical treatment is. Research it, give it a try and before you know it you could be feeling much better.

Hi, I am Jill Dickens. I love to write on Porn Addiction, Technology, Counselling, etc. 

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Top Five Romantic Gestures

In a relationship? Every now and then, all you need are sweet romantic gestures to let your partner know there’s still a lot of love floating in the air. After all, a successful relationship doesn’t need expensive shows of affection all the time. In my opinion, all that matters are sweet romantic gestures that make your lover go “aaawwww”…

Whether you’re the wife, hubby or even boyfriend or girlfriend, often a sweet gesture can make your lover’s day, even if it’s in the smallest way. What matters is that you care enough to remind your other half you’re still madly in love with them.

So, without further ado, here are a few sweet romantic gestures to keep the flame burning every day – not just on february 14th:

swanky meal

For her: have the two of you been talking about going to that fancy restaurant for ages? Make that reservation and doll yourself up for dinner, linger over dessert and give each other sultry, seductive looks across the table. For something really different, why not have dinner aboard the orient express?

For him: whip up a scrummy, sophisticated breakfast complete with his favourite foods, like freshly squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, french toast and so on. Then, to make him feel like a king, serve them while he’s still in bed.

a film night

For her: women are quite partial to tear-jerking movies, so indulge her on valentine’s night – turn down the lights, make some popcorn (don’t forget the extra butter!), and snuggle up with your lovely lady on the sofa. Pssst! You might not even have to watch the whole film. Grin.

For him: let’s be honest, guys enjoy a good old action movie, correct? Granted, it might not be your first choice, but chances are you’ll make him one very happy chappie, especially if you add a gigantic bag of crisps or humungous box of donuts into the mix.

a mini break

For her: woo your beloved lady with a surprise weekend away at a flash hotel or, if you’re really feelin’ the love, swan off on a short trip somewhere exotic.

For him: why should he and his guy mates have all the good weekends away together? Grab your guy and head somewhere fun. Look out over London’s majestic skyline from the tallest building in Europe, the shard, then relax with afternoon tea. Or, how about Paris? Prague? or Rome? go on; you know you want to.

a soppy gift

For her: okay, guys. While flowers might be cliché, sending a bouquet to her work is a tried-and-tested favourite, and will make her one smitten kitten. She’ll think of you whenever she looks at them.

For him: why not bestow him with tickets to his favourite team’s next game? Or, opt for a soppy valentine’s gift for him.

a massage

For her: how about indulging her with a pamper day at a local spa? For good measure, throw in a manicure and pedicure. Better still, take the role of ‘masseur’ yourself. Light some candles, get out the oils… oh, and don’t forget a bottle of red wine! do this, and you’ll make her swoon over your thoughtfulness.

For him: what man worth his salt would readily pass the chance of a sensual, full-body massage from his significant other? Your props: candles, massage oil, sexy lingerie and a bottle of beer. Job done.

Seeking romantic gifts for your partner? Whether for valentine’s day or just because, head over to leading  personalised gifts site gonedigging.

This is a guest post!:)

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How Can You Save Money On Your Wedding Cake?

the most beautiful wedding cake everWedding cake is an integral part of every wedding. Along with the bridal gown and flowers, it serves as one of the main attractions of the event. And once cut and shared, it marks a sweet beginning for the couple. Because of the many roles it play, no wonder it has become a staple in wedding receptions that rightfully deserve its own stage.

Traditionally, a wedding cake is supposed to be a large, multi-layered confection with extensive icing and decorations. However, this can be quite expensive considering the amount of labor that goes into making and decorating it. If such type of wedding cake doesn’t fit in your budget, you can still serve your guests with a sweet-tasting confection without breaking the bank. Below are some ideas how you can do just that.

Dress up your own cake

Rather than ordering a cake whose details complement the theme of your wedding, purchase a plain one and decorate it yourself. Wrap a satin ribbon around each layer and artistically pin down a few real blooms here and there to add charm to the cake. This won’t only save you money, it’s also a great way to showcase your creativity.If you’re really not that crafty, though, ask your wedding florist to decorate the cake for you. Or, simply opt for a minimalist design to avoid the hassles of decorating.

Go faux on the layers

Remember that the taller the cake is, the more money you have to spend as it will take more labor to build and accentuate. So if you want a towering cake without the costly price tag, consider adding faux layers into it. You can leave the bottom two layers as the edible portions, then the top layers can be made from styrofoam covered in icing. Don’t worry, if you commission a good cake supplier or designer, your guest won’t be able to tell the difference.

Display a small decorated cake for cutting and serve commercial cakes for guests

If you can’t afford to have a large custom wedding cake created that you and your guests will share, it won’t hurt if you settle for a smaller piece for cutting. Have it wonderfully decorated and set it on a high stand for display. As for your guests, serve them with commercial cakes. Display the cakes on stands of varying heights so that they will look extra special for the reception. The great thing about serving commercial cakes is they are not only cheap, they also come in different flavors that your guests can enjoy.

cupcake tree weddingGo for a cupcake tree

Rather than opting for a tiered wedding cake, go for a cupcake tree instead. When artistically arranged on a stand, the cupcakes make for a fun display on your wedding table, though you need to have a separate cake for cutting. And the best thing about this option? The cupcakes can double as your party favors. Box one up for each guests so that they have something to bite into when they get home

 This guest post was penned by Ericka in behalf of

Ericka is an avid write who has written numerous articles about different topics. However, she particularly enjoys discussing things related to weddings.

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broken heart

I have felt this feeling. As I promised, I am going to write about this. Since at the moment I’m in the middle of an exam session with 9 exams, I’ll postpone it:D But feel free to send me your heartbreaking experiences – sometimes just letting it out helps.

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Not a perfect life..

love quote

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Privilege to meet you

privilege to meet you

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Jar of good thoughts

I got “a jar of good thoughts” for my birthday and I have to say that it’s rather genial. 

I intend to take one paper each day and maybe even share all those with you!(:

Today I got this one:

“It’s better to forget and smile than to remember and cry”

did you smile

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Rough, sad year.


I have to say that I haven’t written here for a long time. Most posts are from quest writers who want to express their thoughts on different subjects.

2012 was a rough year for me. I had to face very tough situations, as a family member was sick. He was terminal, I had to see him fading away day by day. For four months I went to the hospital almost every day, pretending to be cheerful and happy and chattering about all kinds of things – he was very positive himself. He joked about his situation, so I had to do the same.  I left crying most of the times.

After his death, I somehow managed to say goodbye and start living a little more.. and then one of my best friends was submitted to hospital not even a month after the funeral. She’s still there, she has something that doctors don’t know much about. It’s incurable and there has been many complications on the way. She has been in intensive care unit for two months now.

You see, it’s very hard to manage all these things and go to university at the same time and not  stay in bed to avoid facing everything.

The SecretI wanted to say that if you have some problems in your life or you’re feeling depressed, there is a great book that may help you. I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It was extremely motivational and encouraging book about how your own thoughts lead your life. I couldn’t change the fact that a person I love, is going to die – you can’t fight some things – but it helped me to gather positive thoughts, to be stronger than I would have been without it and I believe I got a lot from this book.  From now on, I try to live by this book, but to understand me, you have to read it yourself.

You can get it from here and there is also a kindle edition of it.

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